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TitleDescriptionDate PostedAuthorTopic
Bareboating NC Bareboating North Carolina 12/17/12 Mike Alyea Guide
Bareboating Bareboating the Southern States 02/04/12 Mike Alyea Guide
2008 Dauphin Island Race 2008 - Dauphin Island Race 05/07/08 Andy Kohler
Class Project Senior class project - Matthew builds a boat 04/09/08 Matthew and Andy Kohler Project
Barney Post Adding a barney post and changing traveler lines 01/15/08 Robert Forrester Rigging
Dropping the Sails Get your sails down fast 01/14/08 Robert Forrester Rigging
Crewboard Crewboard to mount GPS and Depth Gauge 01/13/08 Robert Forrester Electronics